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Henry VII Tudor

Henry VII was a clever and ambitious man. He supported the Lancaster. He invaded England in 1485. The Tudors ruled over England for 122 years. Henry was crowned on the battlefield and he destroyed England’s monasteries. He brought peace to England but he never felt completely safe on his throne because he had many enemies who wanted to take the English crown from him. So there were rebellions against him. However,when Henry VII became King, England was a poor country. So he thought that he must be very rich and he mustn’t get involved in any wars because wars were very expensive. So he became a rich man.

The two princes

Elizabeth of York and Henry VII had four surviving children: Arthur, Margaret, Henry VIII and Mary. Elizabeth of York died in 1503. ARTHUR was the eldest son of Henry VII and he was named Arthur after King Arthur of the Round Table. When he was three, he was made the Prince of Wales. When he was five, he was made a Knight of the Garter. He married a Spanish princess, called Infanta in Spain, Catalina De Aragon, when he was 15. Arthur’s Spanish marriage took place in 1501 in old St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. He died in 1502,a few months after his wedding. Maybe he had tuberculosis. Catherine was left a young widow in a foreign country. Arthur’s death made Prince Henry the new heir to the throne. The next year,in 1503, died in childbirth Elizabeth of York. Henry VII died in 1509 and he is buried at Westminster Abbey. On his death, he was succeeded by his second son, Henry VIII. HENRY VIII was born in 1491 when Arthur was 5. He had the title of the Duke of York. He was very fond of sports particularly of a sort of tennis that he played very often. He even had a whipping boy who was punished when Henry did something wrong. After Arthur’s death, Henry VII and Catherine of Aragon’s parents decided that Catherine should marry the next heir to the throne, prince Henry VIII. He was only 18 when he became King. He was handsome and athletic; he was tall and had a bright red-gold hair and beard.

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