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Halloween is a popular tradition celebrated in England, Scotland, Ireland and the U.S.A. every year on October 31st, the heve of All Saints Day. Once, according to an old tradition, girls would use certain "magic rites" to foresee who they would marry. Today, the day usually involves fancy dress parties and children visiting houses and asking the neighbours if they want a "trick or treat".
If the people in the house give the children a treat, money or sweets, the children will not play a trick on them. Otherwise, the children will play tricks, like dumping dustbins or throwing flour at windows, etc.
The tradition also says that during the night it is possible to see spirits and,as a consequence,both children and adults dress up as ghost and witches and carry hollowed-out turnips or pumpkins with candles called "Jack o Lanterns" and go from door to door.
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