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Thanksgiving is a very important date for Americans. It is a traditional festival which was first celebrated in 1624 by the Pilgrim Fathers. They were a group of English peopole who in September 1623 crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Plymouth, England, in a ship called 'The Mayflower'. They left England beacuse they wanted freedom of religion.
They chose to live in America, where they could have freedom of religion. When they landed in North America they knew nothing about the country. But they were lucky because the indians who lived there helped them a lot and showed them how to live from their new land: how to grow corn for making bread, and how to plant and cook new kinds of fruit and vegetables.
The Pilgrims wanted to thank God for helping them survive their first winter in America. They decided to celebrate the good harvest with the Indians by having a meal together. They called the feast 'Thanksgiving'.
It is a family feast and is celebrated with a huge dinner with traditinal food : turkey, autumn vegetables, corn bread and pumpkin pie.
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