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The method of Galileo is an experimental method and mathematical two inseparable aspects, reconstructed from its application.
In the letter to Cristina Di Lorraine writes that science should be based on two factors: the meaningful experiences (sensory experience), or the sensations transmitted by our sensory organs that take advantage of the moment inductive (from the particular to the general); and the necessary proofs, or mathematical ones who take advantage of time deductive (from general to specific).
These two elements coexist in the method:
- Systematic observation of phenomena constantly study and analyze a phenomenon;
- Mathematization of experience: translate a physical phenomenon in mathematical terms;

- Formulation of a hypothesis: it is not the law;
- Deduction of the likely behavior of natural facts: the hypothesis is characterized by probability;
- Check / experiment: 'make it', that is to artificially reproduce a natural phenomenon;
- Formulation of the law: if the hypothesis is confirmed by the experiment, the law is universal and necessary;
- Prediction: As a result of the law, plan, intervene and change through technology to their advantage.
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