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Festivals in UK

In UK there are some festival that don’t exist in Italy. In particular Guy Fawkes' Night, St Patrick's Day and Burns' Night.
On 5th November people in Britain celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night also called Bonfire Night. It’s a festival in memory of the time when Guy Fawkes and his group of Catholics prepared a conspiration to blow up Parliament with gunpowder and kill the Protestant King James I in 1605.
Children prepare ‘guys’ out of old clothes stuffed with paper and straw; they stop people in the street and ask for ‘a penny for the guy’. They use the money they collect to buy fireworks. People organize firework parties and burn a figure of Guy Fawkes on bonfires.

St Patricks Day is celebrated on 17th March in Ireland, to honour St Patrick, the patron saint of the island. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in New York, too, because lots of people there are of Irish origin. On that occasion people wear green clothes, because green is Ireland’s national colour; they parade along the street to St Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue, the largest Roman Catholic church in the USA.
Burns’ Night is the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, Scotland’s great ‘national’ poet, and it is celebrated every day on 25th January. These celebrations are held not only in Scotland but in many places in England and in other countries where Scottish communities live.
On that occasion, during the meal a Scottish piper plays music wearing traditional Highland dress and some of Burns’ most popular poems are recited.

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