Video appunto: Faced slit opening

Faced slit opening

There are still many aspect in clothing fabrication that people can't figure out although they're kept secret by the members of the company and used as a "positive weapon" while featuring new designs.
The face slit opening can be used for:
1. Front or back neck openings.
2. Wrist cuff openings on long sleeves set into a band.

3. It can also be used as decoration. Fastenings usually used on the slit opening are loop and button, hook and eye, link and button.

In making a faced slit opening you have to:
1. Mark the position is the slit or opening in the garment with a line of tacking stitches.

2. Cut the facing equal to length of the opening plus an extra 5 cm and width of 5-7 cm.

3. Mark the opening on the facing with a line of tacking.

4. Turn a single fold of 6 mm to the wrong side of facing on one short and two long edges of facing. Tack and finish by edge stitching. This is edge finishing the facing.

5. Place the right side is facing to the right side f garment. Tacking lines marking the opening should lie on one another.

6. Put pins through tacking lines.

7. Tack both layers of fabrics together along the backing line.

8. Either backstitch or machine stitch 6 mm away from the centre tacking line along both sides. Slope stitches inwards at the base to form a "V" shape.

9. Cut or snip through the line of tacking between around the stitches, close to the "V".

10. Turn the facing to the wrong side. Pin and tack around the opening then press.

11. Top stitch around the edge of opening on the right side.

12. Slip-hem the free edge of facing loosely to the garment to hold the facing in place.