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With ancien regime indicates the existing political system in France before the revolution of 1789, it underwent many transformations over this century from growth
demographic which also had a great influence immigration, especially in many parts of eastern Europe. The causes of this phenomenon have never been clear, the only thing certain is that he broke the cyclical demography of ancien regime characterized by the relationship and mutual dependency between population and resources, which saw the population increase clash with the gradual reduction of per capita resources ==> impoverishment
diet food -> lower resistance of organisms to pathogens. The populations of the ancien regime had organized themselves to address the food and environmental problems and this was possible because of two factors: the availability of a job and late marriage.
The lowering of the bed was one of the signs that the demographic behavior was changing; However, the general causes of this radical transformation are unclear, historians have undoubtedly noticed an improvement in living conditions since the disappearance of plague, smallpox but simultaneously had the distinction of hazardous and other diseases continued to spread despite the largest organization hospital. The various cities developed and some became multifunctional other bureaucratic. Historians studying this period, have affirmed the existence of a dominant type, consisting of the extended family or enlarged and it was mostly favored by an inheritance system based on the transmission of the undivided property to a single heir. After the industrial revolution instead we find the nuclear family or marital, formed by single parents and children. Present in all types of family, in relation to the level of wealth, they were the servants and slaves, while the artisan families lived together often apprentices and journeymen and became almost an aggregate home.

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