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The Russia of Peter the Great
Russia in the 500 and 600 remained completely out of all changes that have occurred in Europe in those years. The Company is back living in miserable condition, Russian church considers sinful everything Western. The calendar starts from the creation of the world, eclipses and watches are regarded as magic.

Despotism modernizer of Peter
On the death of Tsar Alexis I of the Romanov dynasty, he ascends the throne Fedor, son of the first wife who dies in 20 years, appointed his successor Peter, son of the second wife.
But the sister of Fedor, Sofia tries in every way to pick up Ivan to the throne, who is mentally unstable and under his regency. But soon Peter manages to get out of this situation and to take the place of the tsar. Peter does not hesitate a minute longer that soon plans to modernize Russia, bringing it to a European renewal, creating first of all an army and a fleet.
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To implement this modernization, levying taxes on everything imaginable advantage, especially the farmers. Peter also tries to westernize the customs of the country and is considered the embodiment of the Antichrist.

The wars against Sweden and Turkey
Peter considers the sea access a basic necessity for the process of modernization, in order to bind Russia to the rest of Europe. From here there is a clash for control of the Baltic Sea against Sweden, Peter wins. Turkey fearing the Russian advance, he enters the war against Peter, but he responds to attacks improperly and tries to avoid confrontation by giving in return some land, leaving back to Sweden the king who had taken refuge in Turkey. Subsequently there is a War against Sweden called "War of the North" that the Peace of Nystadt ends with the victory of Russia attaches other territories. Peter also provides new spaces for trade defeating Russian war in Persia, for control of the Caspian Sea. Peter died a few years later.
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