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The Edwardian age and The first world war

On the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, the royal house took the Germanic surname of her consort, Prince Albert of Saxe- Coburg- Gotha. Victoria’s son Edwars, who reigned until 1910 as Edward VII, was to be the only sovereign of that dynasty in Britain. He was crowned in August 1902. Edward reigned for a long time, but, during his reign there were a contrasting political and social situation, because from one side in 1906 there were the general elections and in these, the liberal won and took the first steps towards (verso) the creation of a welfare state (stato sociale): national insurance, it means that when we are at work, we have some lows that protect us from the accident and so on, and old-age pension for the worker that cross the line of 60-65 years old, that the labor exchange where an employed people go looking for a job and this succeeded in 1908. Instead in 1904 there was the education act, the first step to the realization of a compulsory (obbligatorio) school education for all children over 15 years old. In this period Edward wanted create and continue the political and social progress starting during his mother’s reign, because of the Germany in the same period was developing her modern industries, powerful army and navy, trying to extend her control over the Balkans states of South East Europe, a move which could put in danger British position in the near East and Egypt, for this reason Edward helped to resolve the old colonialist disputes between France and Britain for the colonial settled. For this reason in 1902 Britain associated her self with France in the so called “Intent Cordial” with Japan and Russia. From 1908 Britain became to reorganize her navy to keep up (stare al passo) with Germany.

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