The Edwardian age (1901-1910)

1901- Edward VII replaced Queen Victoria.
He embodied the new culture as he modernized the monarchy and the royal court that had become gloomy.
1904- Entente Cordiale was signed. It established that Britain could pursue its interest in Egypt and France in Morocco--> Edward proved to be a skilled diplomat.
New alignment: Britain+ France+Russia vs Austria, Italy, Germany
He preserved the strict class distinctions.
1906- elections won by the Liberals-->divided into 2 groups: the traditional one and the New Liberalism (among them, Lloyd George and Winston Churchill)
1906-08- Children’s Charter: series of laws helping the children
Social problems: old people started going to the workhouses
reforms were passed-->beginning of the welfare state, principle that the government had responsibility towards the poor.
Storm in the Parliament-->1911 Parliament Act established that the Lords couldn’t reject a bill about money. This system still operates.
Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) founded by Mrs. Pankhurst and her daughter. They were called the “suffragettes” and they wanted to gain the right to vote for women. They gain the vote only in 1918.
Appearance of popular newspapers. 1896- the Daily Mail was launched, it was really cheap, the articles were simple and short.
Transport- in 1905 the London underground was electrified and extended which helped in particular the commuters.
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