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Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city and is the second largest city in Scotland, after Glasgow and lies on the east coast. It is an important commercial and banking centre, and seat of an ancient university.
Edinburgh is divided into the “Old Town” and the “New Town”. The “Old Town” is the historical part of the city which dates back to the 11th century and contains the famous Edinburgh Castle.
The castle has a military display each year, known as a tattoo. During the tattoo soldiers show their skills at marching and competitions and there are band of bagpipes, a typical Scottish wind instrument.
“New Town” is the newer part of the city dating back to the late 18th century. It is where Edinburgh's main shopping streets can be found. In New Town there are also a lot of traditional pubs and cafes where you can try, amongst other things, the famous Scotch whisky!
Edinburgh is very well-known for its annual arts and culture festivals which include many theatrical and musical acts as well as some art and literature.
Perhaps one of the best times to visit Edinburgh is on 31st December when there is the celebration of Hogmonay. There are processions, concerts and fireworks which help to start the New Year in a fantastic way!
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