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Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton – to the registry Diane Hallway – (Holy Ana, 5 January 1946) is an actress and American producer. Of irish and English origin, she began to study performance in California to pass then to New York, where, after some secondary parts, she debuted to Broadway in the very famous musical Hair (1968); says itself that was noted to to be been the sole not to strip itself.

In 1970 it was entered from Woody Allen for the comedy you Experience still, Sam than was a good success to Broadway and that was changed in a film of as much success in 1972.

The film debut is of 1970 with Lovers and Other Strangers. In those years is bound sentimentally to Woody Allen and with him recited in numerous film, between which Love and war (1975), I and Annie (1977), Manhattan (1979). Thanks to I and Annie won is the prize Oscar that the Golden Globes like "better actress protagonist". To note that the character of Annie Hallway has the true surname of Diane.

Thanks to its beauty and to its spirit free, Diane Keaton is specialized in characters of women shining, strong and independent, that reflect the true nature of the woman Diane Keaton, and that gave them the opportunity of to show an intense one how much casual loaded.

In 1972 was one of the main roles (Kay Adams, wife of Michael Corleone) of it The Godfather of Francis Ford Coppola, and in the successive years participated also to the other two film of the trilogy.

After to have left Allen, was a connection with Warren Beatty with whose girò Reds in 1981.

Keaton also experienced the direction, first in television and in episodes, then also to the cinema with Paradise of 1987, wild Flower of 1991, Heroes of all of the days of 1995, Mother' s Helper (1999) and Warning of call (2000).

In 1996 fece it leaves of the sparkling trio of protagonists (the other were Barges Midler and Goldie Hawn) of the hilarious one The club of the first mogli, while in 2003 obtains large success in the role of a charming and sweet playwright gained from a Jack Nicholson aged playboy, in the exquisite All comedy can happen.

Diane Keaton never has married, but adopted two children, Dexter and Duke.
The remuneration of Diane Keaton for The Godfather of 1972 was of 35,000 dollars, for the third part of 1990 of 1.500.000.
In an interview, Woody Allen talked about Diane Keaton like of the "larger love of its life". This declaration of Allen did noise: the interview had been released after the controversial marriage of Allen with Soon-Yi Previn. Allen also said of her: "In the real life, Diane believes in God. But it believes also that the radio functions because there are inside of the elfs".
It had a small sentimental connection with To The Calm.
With the its 171 cm is an of the highest actresses of Hollywood.
She is left hand.
She is nicknamed "The Glove One" for its fixed of to put on gloves (gloves in English).
It Loves to collect, besides the gloves, mobile Monterrey, Californian porcelains and painted that represent clowns.
In a lot its film recited putting on actual garments, taken from its closet personal, known for its eccentricity.
She have chosen the surname of art Keaton for three reasons: because was the surname from single of its mother, because in the registry of the actors was present already another Diane Hallway and because its first agent hardens it, to have happened, to pretend a relations with the actor Buster Keaton.
The actor Michael Keaton, to the registry Michael Douglas, should choose a surname of art to avoid the omonimia with the actor that carried its same name (just Michael Douglas), she have chosen the surname actual Keaton in tribute to the actress.
She is limb of an association for the I recover some historical buildings.
In 1995 it has sorted 46ma in the listing of the magazine to Fill on 100 actresses sexier.
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