Video appunto: Continuous Wrap or Strip Opening

Continuous Wrap or Strip Opening

This is a short opening. It can be fastened with hook and eye, buttons and buttonholes and press studs.

Continuous wrap opening is suitable for:
- very fine and light materials or fabrics.
- side openings in pyjamas, shorts, a shirt and wrist openings on long sleeves.

- children's clothes and night-dresses.

To make:
1. Slit or cut the opening to the required length.

2. Cut out a piece of fabric twice the length of the opening plus 1,5 cm and twice the finished width of the wrap plus turning (5-8 cm wide). Match grain with that if the edge to be bound.

3. Pull the edges of the openings of the garment apart so that they lie in a straight line.

4. Place the right side of the binding or facing to the right side of the garment, with raw edges placed together.

5. Tack or baste 10 mm from the raw edges with the garment side uppermost. Treat the opening as a straight line but pivot or drop about 0,5 cm at the point of the slash passing fullness behind needle.

6. Machine stitch or backstitch along the tacking line.

7. Remove tacking thread and press turnings in towards wrap.

8. Turn in 6 mm in free edge of binding or strip. Fold over raw edges of opening.

9. Take folded edge above first stitching.

10. Hem into position by picking up every machine stitch across middle section is strip. The hen stitching should not appear on the right side of the garment.

11. Fold back the front of opening along stitching line. Let the underlap project.

12. The base of the opening can be secured by stitching (with machine or backstitch) across the wrap at the base of the opening flat.