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The conquest of India

The conquest of India started at the beginning of the 18th century. Britain started to trade woods.,to import many spices from India. They grow cotton as well. They took this cotton,was sent to grat Britain and then sold to the people in India. France influence in India ended with the Treaty of Paris. People were exploited,they had to work to grow something where other people got money.
Then ended with the military oppression from British.
George II and the British Empire
The other colonies in the world. When George III came to the throne Great Britain was enjoying a period of peace. This ended with the War of American Independence. Britain lost thirteen American colonies,but controlled the whole Indian continent and also Australia and New Zeland,discovered by James Cook,that was eaten by some wild tribe.
London and the Court
-French court was adopted in the British Court. Charles II adopted many of the habits of the french court for example the theatres were reopened and also old forms of entertainment were in great vogue:dance,masques,bull-baiting and bear-baiting. The nickname of Charles II was "the Merry Monarch".
-It starts an important role for the women, because they were the heroines of Defoe's and Richardson's novels and these were exemplary of women's need of economic and social independence.
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