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-Britain and World War I-

Edward VII’s younger son succeeded him at the throne as George V.
His reign saw the years of World War I, which broke out in 1914 (and ended four years later, in 1918).

Europe was divided in two: there were the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria and Italy and the Triple Entente between Britain, France and Russia.
When Germany marched through Belgium, a neutral territory, in order to attack France, Britain declared war on Germany in August 1914; British people wanted to defend the weak, Belgium, against the strong, Germany.
In Britain there was great patriotic enthusiasm for the war.
The government persuaded men to join the army using massive propaganda, but also reintroduced the conscription, because many troops were killed on battlefields.

Women replaced men in their jobs.
The Germans expected a brief conflict, but it turned to be a trench warfare.
Huge numbers of men were killed by machine guns, barbed wire, gas and shells.
The war ended on 11 November 1918.
The Peace Treaty was signed at Versailles in 1919 by the British Prime Minister, the French one and the American President Wilson and by the Italian King.
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