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A better town

Without pollution

Santeramo in Colle is a town in the province of Bari and region of Apulia, southern Italy.
Its current name comes from St Erasmus, who, according to legend, is responsible for its founding.
In my town, there aren’t many problems with pollution, because it is small. The litter is the main problem.
Many times the bins cannot contain all the litter. In fact, people leave it near the bins. The bad thing is that it stays so for about a week. Water waste is another major problem. The amount of fresh water used to produce goods and services, amounted to 6.309 litres per day in Italy and it does not change much in Santeramo. Traffic is a problem especially in the direct roads to Matera and Cassano.
I think that we could solve the problem of litter with the kerbside collection. It is a waste management technique that provides for the withdrawal at the home of every urban. It had been implemented by many Italian cities and it is having success. In addition, I believe that for water waste there are many resolutions. Such as taking a shower instead of a bath. We waste a lot of water with this last. When you brush your teeth or wash your face, you have to turn off the tap. When washing dishes, cutlery, too.
For the traffic problem could use the velibe scheme that is a system where you use bikes instead of cars. Bikes occupy less space in the street, also do not produce exhaust fumes. The only problem is that Santeramo is in the hills. However, for healthy living is just fine. I'm sure that if my ideas will be respect, Santeramo will be a better town.