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Acid Rain
Acid rain destroys forest. It pollutes lakes and rivers, and kills animals that live in them. It pollutes our water, and this can damage people’s health. It discolors stone buildings and eats away statues and buildings that are hundreds of years old.

What's acid rain?
Burning fuel, like oil, coal and petrol, is the main cause of air pollution.
The smoke from the burning fuel contains sulphur and nitrogen. As rains falls to the ground, it mixes with the sulphur and nitrogen. When the gases mix with water, acids form. In the past, acid rain was not a problem. Today it is a problem because we use lost of fuel. Air pollution causes acid rain and acid rain falls all over the world.

How do we stop acid rain?
We can stop pollution the air. We can clean coal remove sulphur and clean the smoke from factories. We can also clean car and lorry exhausts that produce a lot of nitrogen.

What can you do?
Power stations and cars are the main sources of sulphur and nitrogen. You can use less electricity. For example, turn off lights when you leave a room. Do not always ask to your parents to take you by car. Try and walk or cycle sometimes instead.
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