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Thanks to the Web, we’re alone together and loving it

To be a networked individualist means to be someone who probably is alone in a room and is using a computer: but even if he seems to be alone, he's not really alone: through Internet and his numerous chat room, anyone can be in touch with a lot of other people from all over the world. I think I am a networked individualist because I use Internet every day, to search the information I may need or just to chat with my friends, from the closest ones to the most distant. Using chat rooms and discussion forums you've got the opportunity to know new people form all the world's counties; in fact I'm currently in contact with some English girls and an American boy.
Even though I personally prefer to stay connected with people in person, because you can easily understand how they feel, just by looking into their eyes or by their tone of voice. But I know that it's not always possible to stay connected with people: in this case I prefer to be connected by phone, because other people seem to be closest to you than they really are. An online connection it's useful because it's very rapid and, in some case, less expansive than a phone call, but it seems to have no feelings, as if you can say anything you want to the person you’re chatting, even lies.

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