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Aniston Jennifer
Jennifer Joanna Aniston (Sherman Oaks, 11 February 1969) is an American actress. Been born in a Greek family of origin, Jennifer is daughter of art: the father John Aniston is an actor transplanted in the United States (is the Victor Kiriakis of the television soap opera THE days of our life), the mother Nancy Dow is an actress and model, and its godfather is Telly Savalas, the known one holding Kojak.
she spends a year of its childhood in Greece, she returns to America (to New York) when the father obtains a part in the life of Love soap opera in 1975.

To alone 11 years Jennifer enters at the Rudolf Steiner School of New York to attend the class of theater and figurative limbs, while the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York exhibits an its painting. To the age of 15 years it is registered to the High School for the Performing Arts, always to New York, graduating itself in 1987. Between its classmates, Chastity Drindes, the daughter of Cher. After the diploma obtains roles in productions off-Broadway like For Dear Life to the Public Theater of New York from the December 1988 to the January 1989, or dance Hall on Serious Checkers, but the shows do not collect very happened.

In 1993 ottenne a part in Leprechaun. A little one of time after it is presented to the provini of a television series called Friends Like Us, then note simply like Friends. The proposero the role of Monica; after the meeting with the producers, however, the role of Rachel had entrusted them more suitable Green to her. To interpret this character was obliged to lose weight.

In 2006 Jennifer Aniston debuted in the managerial direction together to Andrea Buchanan the short titled Room 10, acclimated in a ready one helped, interpreted from Kris Kristofferson and Robin Wright Penn, and produced from the reviewed Glamour, that from 2005 realizes the series of short of author Reel Moments you discuss from real stories "television dramas" from the readers protagonists.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt had planned to turn together the film The Mighty Heart on the life of the journalist Daniel Pearl (corresponding dell' American Wall Street Journal kidnapped from an islamic group integralist in Pakistan in 2002 and barbaric killed after some days of imprisonment), I discuss from the memories of the wife Mariane TO Mighty Heart: Capable The Life And Death Of My Husband Danny Pearl, but after the divorce Brad Pitt has us working together to Angelina Jolie.
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