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The world is my home, or is it?

Appunto in inglese “Attitudes to friends” interviews Which of the two girls do you identify with more?
We live in what is called a “global village”. In this global village, people are going to different countries all the time, to live, study or travel. Some people may find it exciting, some may find it hard. How would you feel if you had to leave your friends, change schools or live in a place where you didn’t speak the language? We asked two girls for their opinions.
Suppose you had to move to another country for good. How would you feel?
Becky: I don’t think I would be pleased at all. In fact I would feel awful. I have a lot of friends here I would miss them. I would miss my town, my home. It’s different if you go to a foreign country on holiday… mm… But even if it were a country I liked, I don’t think I would want to live abroad for good.
Karen: I think it would depend if had some good reasons for going… for instance, if my parents had to move, or I had some good job opportunities there… or else, mm… A friend of mine has a sister who’s living in India. She fell in love with an Indian guy who was studying here in England and when they decided to get married she moved to India. She visits her family once or twice a year… or they go and visit her. And with the telephone and the Internet it’s not difficult to keep in touch nowadays. No, I don’t think that would be a problem… mm… in general. But I agree that it wouldn’t be an easy decision to make. If it were for good, that is.
What if were only for a year or two? Suppose you were chosen for an exchange programme…
Becky: Well, in that case it would depend on the country. It would be OK if it were a European country… where I could go home for a few days if I felt homesick, for example, or I fell ill… or I wouldn’t mind going to America, I wouldn’t have to worry about the language there.
Karen: If it were only for a couple of years I’d feel excited. I wouldn’t have any problems about going anywhere. And if I could choose, I would choose a country with a different culture and environment. Er… not Europe. I’m sure I’ll have the chance to travel around Europe in the future. But a whole year- or a couple of years abroad- I‘d like it to be a completely different experience… South America, Africa, the Far East, Australia…
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