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Andy Warhol (1930-1987) is the most important representatives of American pop art. He was an immigrant and his family wasn’t rich, he is one of the most typical representatives of the North American culture, especially for his willful ignorance of the artistic experience matured in Europe. Refused all the history of art, with all its layers of meaning and conceptualizations, the art of Warhol moves only in the coordinates of the images produced by the American mass culture. His art is inspired by cinema, comics, advertising, without any aesthetic choice, but as a pure moment of registration of the most famous and symbolic images.
And the entire work of Warhol appears almost a catalog image-symbol of American mass culture: from the face of Marilyn Monroe with the unique bottles of Coca Cola, by a symbol of a dollar to detergents in the box, and so on. In these works there is no aesthetic choice, but neither the intention of polemic against the mass society: they will only document which has become the visual universe in which it moves what we call the 'society of imagine' today . The art of Warhol hasn’t an universal interpretation, but it has an ethic value, for example the tomatoes soup is the symbol of American way of life, a society in witch the equality is realized and allows equal opportunity for all the people.

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