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The hymn and the flag of Ireland

Northern Ireland does not have an official flag since 1972, after the known events of Bloody Sunday. From 1953 to 1972 was in use officially formed a special composition of the flag of England, with at its heart a white Star of David with his hand red widespread in the Ulster topped by a crown representing the British monarchy.
This flag was suspended as the official flag for reasons of security and public order, and is currently used only for sporting events or on rare occasions international.

To date, no official flag has taken the place of that was loyal to use the old emblem or the British Union Jack, while the nationalist Irish tricolor. Some proposed not long ago the adoption of the old flag of St Patrick, but was also deemed too tied to its British empire . Others Ulster symbol, but does not identify the nation well as three counties in the province are part of the Republic of Ireland.

Same fate for the national anthem. Sometimes you intoned the British anthem God Save the Queen, sometimes the old hymn A Londonderry air and rarely Danny Boy.

In Rugby, at least in the version of the game at 15, there is a 'single national Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, runs from the 90s a hymn specially created (Ireland's Call). Only for games played in the Republic of Ireland is executed before the anthem of the Republic (Soldier's Song).
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