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tema sulle vacanze estive in inglese

My beautiful holidays

Holidays, as well as leisure time and fun, are an opportunity to deepen our knowledge and to expand our mindset and culture. Sometimes it can not seem; Sometimes it is taken for granted; Sometimes you just think you have fun; Or just does not realize it, but holidays are definitely not just a leisure time. The hardships of the working period and the desire to rest for rest can mislead, one of us seems to do absolutely nothing but it is not true; In fact, our mind continues to work during this relaxation time! It may seem weird, but at every moment of our existence we learn something new: go for a walk in the mountains or at sea, play with your friends, read a book, stay there at a beach cot to sketch the landscape in Every little detail we always find is something new, we know new people and learn details of the living world and not, which then prove to be fundamental in our lives. The important fact is that you learn things that you would not learn in any other way; In fact, these pillars at the base of our lives are certainly not taught in a school. After a school year full of responsibilities and duties, the season has come, a vacation that is useful not only to "recharge" and to start with a new march the new year; But also deepen our knowledge and experience new experiences. Summer is therefore an extra occasion for socializing, discovering so many new places and learning more.
This year I spent the holidays at the sea. The first day at the beach was perfect: gorgeous sea, full of fish and lots of wonders, it was so beautiful! The sandy beach with many shells of very different colors was wonderful and illuminated by a splendid sole like gold. That day I also met my pessimistic friends: I played a volleyball on the wet and I swam so much, exploring with my new mask. Then we dried up, it was already time to go home. How fast the time has passed! That day was my preference because I enjoyed so much and I learned the values ​​of a beautiful feeling: my friendship I have faced so many little adventures and so I'm sure my mind learned the details she was before.
This was a really special summer because I learned to be a more mature person with my values ​​and opinions.

The way to go is still long, but I feel that with the help of my relatives, my professors, my friends, I will improve. Around me there is a new world to discover, and with the support of all the people I care, I finally feel that I can do it. Because I think we guys are the future, and for a better generation, we need to improve more and more.

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