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I think that travelling is a metaphor of human life, it represents the route of every single person, from birth to death, the last destination of man’s life. During these voyages you can meet many difficulties that you must overcome and never give up because nothing is impossible. The world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page of it.
From this citation by Saint Augustine you can understand that travelling around the world is a great experience of life and you can't lose the opportunity to discover and to know different places of the earth.
Travelling is a passion for me. I like having new experiences and meeting new people. I like knowing new countries, cultures and feeling new emotions, in fact when I pack my suitcases I become a new person because I am very excited and happy. I prefer travelling with my friends to travelling alone because with your friends you can have a great time and share the emotions of a holiday. In my life, so far, I have visited a lot of European countries in particular: France, Spain, Croatia, Malta, Greece and Switzerland. My favorite trip was in France, I personally think that Paris, the most romantic city in the world . I went to France with my classmates by coach and it took us two days to get there. I enjoyed the trip so much because we had a really good time with our teachers who were enjoying themselves too, and also because we went to Disneyland and to other places of the city. Paris is wonderful and I hope to return there one day!! Preparing your holidays is very important as it is easy to forget things. I prefer making a list of all the things I must do before leaving and of all the things I mustn't forget in particular: book a hotel room, fold the clothes in the suitcase, check tickets, check my passport expiry date , take money, buy a good guide book, a camera to take some photos during the holiday and at the end of the list I always write: ”I hope not to forget anything”.
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