Stai organizzando il tuo fine settimana. Riferisci alla classe che cosa hai deciso di fare il venerdì sera, il sabato e la domenica.

I can't wait for this weekend, because I can be finally free! Actually Friday is not a completely free day (day off): in fact, It is just similar to the other days because I have to study (I have lots of homework to do!). On Saturday, when school ends, I'll go back home and have lunch. Then, I'm going to do some homework; so, in this way, I'll be completely free on Sunday! In the afternoon I'm going to the swimming pool, even if I don't go swimming, but I usually go there because I meet my friends and my best friends Lucia. I really enjoy myself there and I often tease Lucia (i often mock at Lucia) saying "you can't swim"!. In the evening, I'll go out with my friends in Benevento and we'll eat a slice of pizza or same kebab. At about 11:30pm I'll go (opp. come) back home. on Sundays I don't wake up early because I don't have to go to school. In fact, I usually get up at lunch time! In the afternoon, I'm going to the cinema with my school mates or we're going to play football. At 9pm I'll go (opp. come) back home and check my homework. Then, I'll go to bed. Actually, my mum said that we'll probably go skiing this weekend... I hope so!!

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