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Nutella is one of the most famous Italian food products, and it has a very long story. Pietro Ferrero, the founder of the Ferrero Company, first made this chocolate cream using Pasta Gianduia and nuts, and it became very popular in the North of Italy, but(6) unfortunately, because of the economic crisis of those years, the chocolate was very expensive and so was the gianduia cream, so in 1953 his son Michele , first made the cream with nuts, and finally in 1963, he added chocolate and milk, and that’s how Nutella was born making the Ferrero family (the richest family in Italy today). I like Nutella because it’s very sweet and it melts in your mouth. I like eating it on bread, in cakes, as an ice-cream. I usually have an afternoon break with biscuits and Nutella and sometimes when my friends come to my home and we do our homework together, we love eating Nutella sandwiches.
Every year the Ferrero Company sells Nutella in different cups, glasses or mugs, so people collect them. This year I am collecting Nutella jars with names written on them , and I have collected 10 of them so far: six with my name, and others with my family members’ names . During the years , I have also collected Nutella gadgets like caps, sacks, glasses, covers and other gadgets too. I love collecting these gadgets because I’m obsessed by Nutella.Today, people like eating Nutella in many different ways. A famous recipe is rolls with Nutella, or even nutella ice cream, but pizza with Nutella is becoming one of the most popular ways of eating it . You eat it exactly like a traditional pizza, but instead of putting mozzarella and tomatoes, they simply put nutella. It’s just delicious. Sunday I am going with some friend to a pizzeria in Rome to eat one, and I can’t wait to go.

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