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British History Timeline

In the beginning of history there were no nations in the British Isles. Unity came from conquests. The Romans conquered southern Britain between AD 43 and AD 47. In AD 410 They left Britain to defend Rome. The civilization They brought to Britain had a lasting effect. Roman building and roads can be found all over the country. In AD 450 the Anglo-Saxons successfully invaded England. They were great travelers and sailed on long ship. Following fierce battles, the Vikings conquered a large part of England.
The Normans conquered England in 1066. William, Duke of Normandy, sail from France to England. He defeated King Harold of England at the Battles of Hasting in 1066. It is the most famous battle in English history. He was crowned and became know as William the Conqueror. The Tudors ruled England and Wales from 1485-1603. Henry VIII broke was a famous Tudor king. He married six times and beheaded tho of his wives.

In 1534 Henry VIII broke from Roman Catholic Church. He wanted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, but the Pope refused to annul his marriage.
England became a Protestant country. Victoria was crowned Queen in 1837, when She was 18 years old. She reigned until her death in 1901. During the Victorian Age Britain built a huge empire and became the most powerful country in the world. The Industrial Revolution ( 1750- 1850) changed Britain in many ways. It because the first industrial Nation in the world. Factories were built and villages grew into towns. At beginning of Queen Victoria's reign, only rich children went to school. Children from poor families worked all day in factories. In 1870 the Education Act was passed. It offered schools for all children between the age of 5 and 12.
During World War II(1939-1945) London and other cities in England were frequently bombed. Children in Britain were sent out of the cities and were evacuated to the countryside.

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