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I am the youngest in my family among my cousins, and everybody at home loves technology. I joined this world Watching my cousins. Like all children at the beginning I loved video games and I spent many afternoons playing with them. Later, thanks to my cousins I learnt also a lot about computers. My first computer was a present because I was so desperate for one. It was given to me from my grandmother for my Holy communion in 1999. the same year when the new Microsoft Operation System, Windows 98 came out , and also when a new series of CPU called “Pentium 4” came on the market.
I had that computer for six years and it has been a good friend , helping me out with my studies and also helping me to relax with video games after my homework Computers have been the third revolution in modern history after the steam engine and the combustion engine. Information technology has become a basic component of our daily life, and we can see the results everywhere: from mobile phones to e-mails, from e-books to all the world of biomedical engineering. In fact, with a recent discovery made by an important University in Michigan, through a three – dimensional printer and a computer it has been possible to rebuild part of the respiratory system of a child who was born with a rare disease that didn’t allow him to breathe properly.

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