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My passion for animals began in my grandfather’s land where he had a lot animals. I had only toys, pictures and puppets of animals, and I loved going to zoos. I was a little child when, running through my grandfather’s land , chasing a bee, I was stung by it . This event didn’t stop my curiosity towards animals, and it still continues today. I have had a lot pets: birds, chickens, rabbits, hamsters, cats, fish. The most important animal that I had was my first dog Rex. He was a big black brown German Shepard, he was friendly and reliable. Rex was firstly my father’s dog but he soon became mine. He had a fundamental role in my life. Since I was child I loved watching animals on Italian TV documentaries like Voyager or Geo&geo; that is how I found out about their habits. Nowadays I continue learning about each species of animals through these TV series. My favorite program is: The adventures of Jeff Corwin. It show animals in their natural habitats in a funny and interesting way. The reason why I prefer this program to others is that it deals with dangerous animals. I admire Jeff Corwin because he treats animals with respect.I appreciate all the organizations that defend animals rights.Volunteers spend most of their lives in improving animal’s conditions. I think that I will probably join one of these organizations , so to make people understand and respect the rights of animals, to let them live freely and without useless sufferings. People must respect animals because they give us endless emotions.
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