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On August 28, 1963, the reverend Martin Luther King Jr. led a great paceful march for civil right t Washington D.C. King was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1929.
While he was a student at a seminary in Philadelphia, he became entusiastic about the writings of Mahatma Gandhi. On December 1, 1955 a black woman Rosa Parks, was arrested because she had taken a seat reserved for white people on a bus. King wanted to assert black rights but with peaceful means
King was arrested many times and his house was destroyed by a bomb. The terrible Ku-Klux-Klan organized numerous punitive expeditions for the member of the pacifist movement. Despite all these difficulties, after the great march in Washington and above all thanks to the help of the American President Kennedy, finally in 1964 Congress passed the Civil Right Act and in the same year King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
In 1965 Congress passed the "Voting Rights Act" trough which the right to vote was extended to the Blacks.

In 1968 King started another battle. Now his goal was to secure better jobs and living conditions, especially for the Blacks who lived in ghettos. He went t Memphis to organize a new peaceful march. But on April 4th, while he was standing on the balcony of his hotel room, an assasin bullet put an end to his young life.

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