Description about a monster

Hi, now I want to tell something about my monster. Her name’s Violet and she in very ugly but it isn’t a problem because she’s a monster. She’s nearly 16 and her birthday is on the 31st of October, the day of monsters and scar. She’s too tall and a bit plump. You see her everywhere because she’s purple like an eggplant. She’s as big as an elephant and she’s so sad because other monster don’t want to stay with her. Her head is big, too. In my face there are five little and bad rede yes and a very big blue nose. I’ve got a big mouth without any lips but I’m alwayys sad beacusa I haven’t got any friends. I’ve got short, straight, light brown hair. I haven’t got a neck so I can’t put necklace. I’ve got two pairs of years but I don’t use earrings because I’m poor and I can’t buy them. I’v got six arms: two arms are long and the other four arms are short. My long arms are perfect for sweet hugs. I’ve got six hands and thirty fingers but I haven’t got thirty. I’ve got short, slim and wavy legs. My feet are very little and I have only eight toes. I usually wear pink dresses an vary cool shoes but today I go running so I’m wearing a green t-shirt and orange trousers. I forget my shoes at home so now I have to come back there. This desses are by me. I make t-shirts and jumpers with a lot of love. Some persons are scared by me, they think that I’m bad but from my point of view I’m the best monster that exists.

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