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Panini stickers are stickers about football players and animals and I collect the football players stickers. The company that produces them is located in Modena in north of Italy and it is one of the biggest companies in the world. They began circulating around 1890 and the Panini inventor’s grandson died last year. I started to collect Panini stickers when I was seven years old, when my friends started to collect them. At the beginning I didn't like it but slowly, I started to enjoy this hobby. I was very happy to collect all the stickers of Rome Football Club , which is my favorite team. I still have that sticker book which is my best because it was the first I ever collected and finished. Now I really like collecting stickers. The Panini tour was something new that started a few years ago. The tour takes place every year in a square or in a shopping center, where some stands are set up and sometime there is also a football pitch where some people of the staff, take your album to get your name and personal information, for a survey. Then we play games exchanging duplicates with other boys. My first Panini tour was in a shopping center in Rome on the coast near Rome, in January. I had fun at the tour because I took part at many mini games and I exchanged duplicates with other boys. The tour finished at 10.00 p.m. I got home at 11.00 p.m. I arrived home tired but I was really happy for the day I spent, in fact I’m going to go to another Panini's tour next year.

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