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My best friend is a girl. Her name is Alexandra . She is as tall as and as old as me . She has black hair but in the sun they look brown. She always wears necklaces . She is very kind and pretty but when she gets angry she becomes very dangerous !! This is one of the reasons why I like her very much! I met her at the elementary school when we were 6 years old and from the first day we became best friends but 2 years ago she moved to north Italy, in a city near Genova. When she left I was very sad but one day I’m going to see her. 2 or 3 times a year she comes to visit her relatives and also to see me, and she tells me a lot about her new life and friends.
I think she is very happy about her new life I like her because we have the same hobbies : playing videogames , listening to rap music , watching football or Dragon Ball on TV. We always chat on the phone, sometimes also at night, and when we chat we speak of so many things, she always talks about her new friends, her new school and new teachers and of course about her new city. She says it’s very beautiful and that she likes Genova a lot, she often goes there to visit that wonderful city. I hate that she is in another city. I want her here , NOW !!Every time she comes here, we do a lot of things together : we play with shotguns , videogames or play football and she always beats me. I tell her that I let her win, even though she is so good at every thing she does. I want to spend every moment of my life with her ! She is the best friend in the world ! I miss when we did our homework. Once she came to my house to do the maths homework. Our teacher wanted us to resolve a very difficult exercise. We stayed many hours on that exercise and we resolved it. The day after at school we were the only one who did the exercise correctly, so the teacher gave us a very god mark. I miss those days very much, and I hope that one day she will come back to live here in Rome, otherwise I will go to Genova and stay with her.

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