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My best friend’s name is, we are the same age so he’s eleven years old. We live also in the same street , but I’m very sad because this summer he will move to another house 3. Last year we were in different schools, but this year we attend the same middle school . He always wears jeans, t-shirts and he likes wearing trainers. He’s tall and slim and he has got brown hair and brown eyes. He’s nice and kind (he helps me when I don’ t understand something). But he is terrible when he is angry. When we are together, we play the same games that we both like. He likes playing football, but I don’t like it very much. I prefer playing volleyball to playing football5. I sometimes play football with him only if I’ m not very tired! But most of all we love riding our bikes all around our town, which is San Marco Evangelista, and sometimes we play videogames with his XBOX or my NINTENDO . Alexanderhas a sister and her name is Maria, and she sometimes plays with us too.We have been 1 best friends for ten years, since 2004. We became friends because2 we met in the park , where I used to go every Sunday morning with my uncle, so we started playing together . We took our bikes in the park and sometimes we played football (his favourite sport). If I didn’t want to play football, we played volleyball with his sister. Sometimes we also played basketball , but now we don’t play this sport anymore.

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