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In the world, freedom is often denied. Fortunately, many men struggle to eliminate racism. Among them are Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks, an African American woman, was born In Alabama in 1913 (nineteen-thirteen). In Montgomery in 1955 (nineteen-fifty five), when she was forty-two years old, she was on a bus on her way home from work. When she refused to give her seat to a white man, the bus driver called the police who arrested Rosa Parks. Indeed, black men were considered inferior by the law. Moreover they had different seats on buses and trains and they had different hospitals, shops and restaurants. Then the Montgomery bus Boycott began. The protest ended only when racial segregation on buses stopped in 1956 (nineteen-fifty six). This was the beginning of the Civil Rights movement in the US. One of Montgomery Bus Boycott leader was a minister of the African American church Martin Luther King. He believed in non-violent protest and he organised many campaigns against racial discrimination. The police frequently arrested him and sent him to prison, but he continued to protest. In 1963 (nineteen-sixty three) Martin Luther King spoke to the people about his dream for the future: freedom and equality for all Americans. He began with the words: “I have a dream”. His speech is famous all over the world. In 1964 (nineteen-sixty four), he won the Nobel Prize for Peace and in 1965 (nineteen-sixty five) the American government finally made it possible for all African Americans to vote. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, in Tennessee, in April 1968 (nineteen-sixty eight), but finally African Americans had the same rights as white Americans.

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