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I want to speak about Frozen. It could seem a normal film for kids but it has a great significance about friendship and love between sisters. I like this film because I have a sister so I feel like the protagonist who doesn’t want to lose her sister. My sister and I sometimes argue but there’s nothing like a sister who helps you every time you need her and who makes you feel happy. I like this film also for the winter setting that is inspired by Norwegian landscapes. In fact, the Arendelle’s castle, which is one of the sister’s bastion is similar to a Norwegian medieval castle. I think winter landscapes are best for cartoons or film animation because they are romantic and so beautiful. In fact, when I go to the mountains, I relax just looking at the view. I remember I saw this film on Christmas Day with my sister and my cousin and It was a fantastic experience to go to the cinema with the Christmas atmosphere. At the beginning, I thought that “Frozen” was just the classic Disney film where you would see a princess and a prince falling in love. So I was very surprised discovering that ,for the first time, a Disney film was about sisters and their relationship. I know many Disney films because when I was littleI used to watch them with my family but I think this is the most original and interesting one.

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