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I don't really have a favorite book , but a book that I really like is the "the Paul street boys" a classic for children. There are many kinds of books which can be divided in: detective stories, novels, thrillers, psychological novels, historical novels, romantic novels, fantasy and so on. to read is very important through reading we can lean new cultures, new vocabulary, we can gain knowledge, we learn how to speak better.
There are many types of reading : from books to newspapers or from novels to comics.
They all give different information. The writer must hit the reader with his thoughts while the reader must feed his thoughts thanks to the writer. I think each page that we read is a street to dream.I prefer to read historical novels because they take you back in times making you live, through your fantasy , the atmosphere, the use, the customs, the mentality and the life in that period of time, and therefore you find yourself travelling back in time and “learning more” about the past. This Hungarian novel talks about a fighting that goes on between two gangs of kids(this novel is close to my heart because it’s expresses the importance of true friendship.), after reading the book I decided to make a research on Budapest, which is the capital of Hungary and I found out that it is a very beautiful and interesting city with the famous "Chain Bridge" which crosses the river Danube bringing together Buda and Pest and making them one city. There are lots of museums, theaters, a big parliament and a big royal palace .I will probably go to Budapest this summer to see this beautiful city.
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