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English Composition: my favourite film – “The great dictator” by Charlie Chaplin

My favorite film is "The Great Dictator" by Charlie Chaplin. Although I'm used to watch different films (such as more dynamic movies or color films), when I first watched this movie I was amazed and I had to see it again!
I think "The Great Dictator" is a timeless film and a masterpiece of world cinema.
The film has two basic elements: melancholy and irony.
Chaplin parodies Hitler's figure with a fierce satire that reflects moments of reflection (for example the scene in which Hitler plays with the globe).
The protagonists of such a dramatic and inhumane affair are treated with a disarming irony to the point of completely irrigating them, but everything is covered by that veil of sadness and melancholy that always characterizes Chaplin's films.
I loved "The Great Dictator" because it is a different film than any other. It's a movie that laughs but also thinking, away from any rhetoric, is a film that witnesses the presence of the best artistic spirit of a film age inhabited by Dreams, myths, hopes that he could accurately collect in theaters, through the movies, the first judgments about the facts and events of the current story.
In my opinion, everyone should watch this film and its vision should also be proposed at school.
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