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The European Union
The European Union (EU) has a Parliament but it is not a State. It is a family of democratic European countries that work together for peace and prosperity. The EU recognizes and defends the fact that Europe is a continent with many different traditions and languages, but also with shared values such as a democracy; freedom and social justice.
The idea of the European Union was born after the Second World War because Europeans didn't want a similar event to happen again.
At first the cooperation was economy. Now countries and concerned mainly trade and the economy. Now there are 490 milion people that living in the 27 member countries of the EU which now deals with many aspects of our everyday life.
The number of countries in the Union is growing. Not all countries in Europe are members. Some do not wish to be a member and some wish to join but are not yet ready for either political or economic reasons.
The UK is a member of the EU but for the moment it has decided not to adopt the euro. The British currency is the pound sterling. The sign for the pound is £. The pound (£) is made up off 100 pence (p).
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