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The American Constitution complete freedom of belief and religious practice to all people living in the U.S. For this fact, there is no official state religion, Americans as a whole are a very religious people: six out of seven believe in God and regulary go to church. To explain this statement we have to look at the origins of the United States and to its first British settlers: the Pilgrim Fathers. The Pilgrim Fathers were a group of Puritans.In 1620, to avoid religious persecution , they sailed from England in a small ship. As they landed in New England, they founded the town of Plymouth.
They believed in a simple life based on hard work and were against any form of amusement and pleasure. Their simple faith and their strong character explain how religion has always been important for Americans. Because the Pilgrim Fathers had to fight to be free to worship and were persecuted for this reason, they believed strongly in religious tolerance. There are many different religions, for exapmle,the Protestants are over three-fifths of all Americans with their subbranches, sfter the Protestants, the largest group is the Catholics. About three per cent of all Americans are Jews.The variety of beliefs and sects in the USA is also the reason why there is no religious teaching in American state schools.

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