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Generally speaking, in civilized countries women have the same rights as men , but in it’s unbelievable that here in Italy especially in the south there are people who think that men are more important than women. These people are very stupid because these ideas should not exist. If we want to change this situation we need to fight against prejudices. In general people think that there are jobs that are suited exclusively for men or women, like being a bus driver is for men while working as a shop assistant is for women. Women are getting more often jobs which used to be for men , and they turn out to be as clever as them but very often far more reliable than men. There are very important and strategic occupations occupied by women like for example Angela Merkel who is the German Prime Minister, or Christine Lagarde the Managing director of the International Monetary Fund, like Park Geun-hye President of the Republic of Korea , the Nobel prize Aung San Suu Kyi who is an icon for peaceful resistance for her efforts to bring democracy to a military-ruled Burma, just to name a few. In other countries like in Afghanistan women are treated badly. In fact men have power on them. They are treated like slaves. Women can’t vote and they can’t express their ideas. They can’t show their faces because according to their religion which is based on the Koran they can’t be seen in fact they wear the burqua.

On the 5th November 1872 Susan Browell Anatomy went to vote illegally and she was arrested on November 18th. Seven months later while being on trail Susan invoked the 14th Amendament that already guaranted people born or naturalized in the United States citerenship right. Many important women in the world are queen Elizabeth 1, Giovanna D’Arco, Maria Curie and Madre Teresa di Calcutta. In my opinion Queen Elisabeth 1st is important because she was married to her people. Maria Curie is the first great scientist. She won the Nobel prize for physics and chemistry. Giovanna D’Arco is a heroine who helped her people to defeat England. In those times women weren’t able to fight. So she was burnt and finally I would like to remember Madre Teresa di Calcutta who helped the poor people in India so she has become a Saint.
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