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Eating habits

British eating habits are changing just like in many other countries of the world and new trends are spreading. The traditional “Full English breakfast” is disappearing. It has a revival from time to time and is still served in good hotels around the world.
The English breakfast is more varied than the Italian and consists of one or more of the following items: milk, milk tea or coffee with milk, orange juice, cereal with milk, yoghurt, porridge, toast with butter or margarine and spreadable jam, honey or chocolate spread, fried eggs, scrambled, poached, boiled, or omelets, bacon, sausage, liver and mushrooms fried or grilled.
Breakfast varies according to taste, appetite and the time available. The traditional 'full English breakfast' or 'full English' with eggs, bacon, sausages and bread with butter you eat less and less. I eat mostly tourists at the hotel and those who face a day of physical labor mostly tourists at the hotel and those who face a day of physical labor.

Lunch is eaten around one and since we usually work from 9 to 5 and children are in school from 9 am to 4 is consumed outside the home more than anything else. Or you bring brown-bag lunch or eating the canteen or in another place like a cafe or pub.
A typical packed lunch includes a sandwich with cheese or ham and a drink (juice, yoghurt, coca cola etc..).
In the cafeteria, or anywhere else you can eat a main course followed by a dessert or fruit. The dish can resemble a 'second' Italian, like the traditional 'meat and two veg' or 'meat with two vegetables (eg potatoes and carrots). In place of the meat there could be the fish and the outline could also be a salad or rice. Other unique dishes resemble more the 'first' Italian: Spaghetti Bolognese(spaghetti with meat sauce), and various rice dishes. Others are of international dishes: moussaka (layers of eggplant, meat sauce and bechamel sauce with cheese) and curries (meat stew with Indian spices with a side of rice).
The dessert is usually a sweet dish, like a slice of apple pie, above which you can pour the 'custard', like a cream but custard is served either hot or cold.
Along with the meal you eat the bread but less often than in Italy and drink some water, milk, or soda pop. The wine is expensive and therefore more you drink on special occasions. In a pub or an adult can eat a hot meal or a simple sandwich and drink a beer or cider.
In the afternoon you can take tea although it can be enjoyed at anytime of day. It 'a drink that was brought to Britain from China by Thomas Twining, has since been considered a kind of social ritual, and if English is the national drink, although coffee has become popular in recent decades. Some drink it with sugar or milk, some prefer it with muffins and cakes of barley meal, some people insist on loose tea, while the majority prefer it in bags of good quality. Everyone agrees that it is the best way to take a break and millions of cups of tea are served throughout Britain every day.
Dinner at lunch only resembles that normally is prepared and consumed at home. If you have a light lunch dinner will be larger and vice versa. The British have dinner as soon as the Italians, between 6 and 8.
Instead of meals people eat healthy snacks that reject the kind of food they really need. They provide unnecessary calories or fat between meals. If you eat snacks regularly gets hungry. Encourage them to eat junk food all day. Snacks are some important and necessary for a child's diet as they provide necessary calories and energy supply for children between meals.
Children need enough food for proper nutrition. You should eat vegetables and fruits, dairy products or calcium-rich foods.
To ensure children's physical and social development they should partecipate in vigorous physical activity. Limiting television time and encouraging them to play actively in a safe environment are helpful steps. Limiting fat I take may help to prevent excessive weight gain in children, but fat should not be restricted in children younger than 2 years old. Drinking low fat milk rather than whole milk reduces fat in their daily diet. Children’s diets should always be supervised by a medical doctor. Many young people, especially women, are worried about weight gain even when their weight is normal. Excessive concern about weight cause or lead to unhealthy habits such as excessive exercise, self-induced vomiting and the abuse of laxatives or other medications. These habits may only make things worse.

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