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Today a lot of teenagers should be dreamers. For me dreaming is a great thing because in this society a boy must be able to feel someone. So if a teenager thinks he is nobody, he feels better dreaming. A lot of teenagers dream to live better.
There are a lot of types of dreams. Some boys dream to be important person like singers or footballers, while other boys would be important person for someone they love, to feel loved by person who mean something.
I think that I'm a great dreamer because I would do a lot of things. So, I think that if a person is shy or weak, he can't have all he wants. My biggest dream is to be an important person for everyone and I just want to be happy. This isn't the only dream, because I would also make someone happy. I love when a person smiles for me. When I was a child I already had some dreams. When I was sad I thought that the best thing was happiness.
So, I just wanted to be happy one day. This is my first dream. My second dream was born on a travel: I remember that when I went to Paris and I was walking round the Tower Eiffel, I saw a lot of people who admired it and I wished that one day some people will see me in this way.Obviously my projects are very beautiful. I want to become an important person and I want to be loved. Now I'm studying in a linguistic school and I'm graduating in 2016. After I hope I'll become an important person. Then, I would like to go in England one day: if I study very hard, I'll ho there. I think that everyone would live in a dream, their dream. If you live in a dream, all is beautiful. Unfortunately we don't live in a dream, but I think we should be strong to overcome bad moments. In this way we can turn our reality in our dreams. So, everyone has to be strong and brave to live in a dream.
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