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The most important Cambodian food is the soup. Among the most common soups there is the samla machou banle a fish soup, the samla chapek a pork ginger soup, and the samla machou bangkang wich is shrimp soup. An other important dish in Cambodia is pasta with coconut sauce. The typical ingredients are rice and fish. The most popular flavors are mint,curry, soy, ginger, coconut milk and lemon grass. Vegetables and fruits are commonly used like mango, pineapple and banana . Among the desserts there are rice cake and pudding. It is advisable not to drink tap water.

A good example of the French influence in the kitchen is the baguette.
The national drink is Chinese tea but also the beer is quite popular.Traditionally foods are eaten on the floor or on bamboo a table. Guests and aduld men are the first to eat, then everyone else.


The most popular games and sports are martial arts , football and soccer. Dragonboat races are very common too, especially during the Water Festival.


The traditional clothing typical of Cambodia is a type of scarf called Krama which is made of cotton and sampot, a dress for women. The sampot can be very elegant because it is made of silk with gold and silver.


In Cambodia there are four major traditional holidays , including the Water Festival.
The Water Festival celebrates the New Year. It is called the 'Water Festival' because people splash water on each other. This is the part of the ritual that welcomes the New Year. You end up splashing people you don’t even known. The party lasts three days where there are games, a lot of food, ceremonies and all over the landscape there are many colors.
 Dragonboat is a water sport where there are wooden boats with a dragon’s face on it. It is a competition between different team. The dragonboat races were born in China. In Cambodia there are many dragonboat races ​​during the Water Festival.


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