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Britain's entry into World War II

Despite the almost unstoppable arrest of the German Reich, during the Second World War Great Britain was able to effectively confront Hitler. It was Wiston Churchill who led this choice and declared unshakable in the British Parliament: "I can promise you nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat.

Ask what our policy is; I say it is to wage war by sea, on land and in the sky. Ask what our aim is; I answer with one word: victory, victory against the Germans.
Convinced to crush the enemy, in the summer of 1940 Hitler invaded the British Isles. The Battle of Britain was the first real air battle in history.

The 600 Royal Air Force aircraft had to contend with 2,000 German equivalents.
Churchill, however, had three tricks up his sleeve: the incredible agility of his planes; the massive use of radar technology; the deciphering of the German secret code Enigma.
In the autumn of 1940 Great Britain seemed tried but not bent and Hitler was forced to give up.
Meanwhile Mussolini, eager to imitate his German ally, decided to start the creation of the great Italy. He declared: "I affirmed five years ago that we would break the kidneys of Ethiopia. Now I tell you with the same certainty that we are going to break Greece's kidneys".
In reality, nothing proved further from the truth: the Greeks reacted by sending the Italian troops back to Albania.