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Hospitality world

Hospitality is an umbrella term for a wide range of service industries,such as the Hotel and the Food & Beverage industry. The Hospitality industry is a service industry and refers to all the activities,service provided to people travelling away from home for leisure, business or else. The World Tourism Organization(WTO)reports that Hospitality today is an outstanding industry which offers unlimited job opportunities. For this reason it is considered the "Big employer" in the world. The Hospitality industry is covers five different sectors, such as:
-Tourism: that is the provision of facilities and services for the pleasure & comfort of tourist.
- Accommodation: That is the provision of lodging, meals and other guest service.
- F&B or Catering service: that is the provision of food & drinks for people away from home.
- Recreation & Entertainment: that is the provision of means of transport, equipment and service.
- Travel service: that is the provision of all the service for travellers (booking,ticketing).

Hospitality is a very gold business in history and a fast growing sector in the economy of our time.

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