Herbs - test question

1)One general rule: “one herb is better than two”; do you agree?
Yes, I do. Excepte for the bouquet garni. Because it gives a flawered taste to the dishes.

2)Do you know how important herbs and spices are in cooking?
Yes, I do. They are: rosemary, sage, thyme, bay,nutmeg. Some herbs are used to get better in cooking, to flavour foods.

3)Do you like food flowered with herbs?
Yes, I do. Because I use it when I cook to increase the taste.

4)Have you ever grow aromatic herbs in your garden or balcony?
Yes, I have. I grew the basil, the sage, and the rosemary in my grandmother’s garden.

5)When cooking, what herbs do you use most?
My best herbs are: the oregan; the basil; the rosemary.

6)Write recipes where herbs are very important ingredients?
They are:
- Fresh tomatoes with soft cheese and basil
- Spiced fish soup
- Roast-beef with rosemary and sage
- Chocolate pudding with mint leaves

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