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Bar types
American Bar: it has a reduced opening time (not more of eight hours), derives from american culture. The timetable can go from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm, ro from 6.00 pm to 2.00 am. In the first service timetable we have lunch, while in the other service timetable the barman can offer aperitif drinks, and after dinner time. In the american there are stools around the counter.

Cafeteria – snack bar: in this kind of bar you can drink coffee and you can have to eat sandwiches and snacks. It's the tipical Italian style bar, the opening time there are longer than American bar. There aren't any stools because the break time is very short.

Hotel bar: it's a bar inside the hotel and it can be a single bar (American Bar) or there a lots of kind of bar (hall bar, roof garden bar, night bar). In this bar that is requires a high skilled barman that must have a good knowledge of languages, lots of experience, good manners and a working staff of the same ability level.

Piano bar: it's a kind of bar inside the hotel, or prive inside a disco. It is charaterized by a platform where live music is played. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm, the setting inside is cosy and secluded marked with class and elegance. Here the people not dance but they prefer to chat over a drink with soft background music.

Night club: it is a kind of bar where live music and shows are performed. Here the clients can dance and spend carefree hours with attentive service. The barman its an excellent capable to anticipating and satisfying client's needs.

Bar-discoteque: it a kind bar can be outdoor in summer, and indoor in winter. This bar open and close very late. The attractions are two: the barman and the dj. It usually frequented by young. The barman using freestyle tecnique, and it can show all his capabilities to grabe and keep clients attention.

Disco-bar: it is a modern evolution of piano bar. The service is for young and not young people. Here it is inside, music, dj and the barman and they are the real protagonist. The service is fast and informal made by beautiful girls tha they the function the attract clients. People can't dance here for some licensing laws and there are video and megascreen that broadcasting special sports and musical events. The barman must be prepared, he is a good psycologist, a good drink mixer, nice and friendly.

Pub: its a typical British institutions. There are two rooms: public bar (plain, simple with little seating) and the saloon bar (sophisticate and comfortable). This kind of bar, with music, low lights, and English pub style forniture are became famous in all the Europe. It a bar specialised in draught beers. The barman must have a good knowlegde because clients often requires cocktail and other mixed drinks.

Tea-room: it is a relaxine and elegant place. The clients are not young people, that they search comfort or have a chat or meeting someone. It is a quiet place, with background soft music and low lights. It is located in the town center, and the barman must be specialised in preparing hot drinks. Its open all the day.

Beach bar: It is a basic and picturesque bar. They open from dawn to dusk. The barman can offer cocktail and long drinks prepared with fresh fruit or tropical juice with decorations. There is a typical happy and holiday atmosphere.
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