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Appunti di Lingua inglese per l'esame della professoressa Ruggiero sulle low politics. Gli argomenti che vengono trattati sono i seguenti: il testo in lingua inglese "Italy’s Festival of Syrupy Songs Loses High Ratings to Low Politics"; il testo in lingua inglese "The War of Words Between Copywriters and Language Purists".

Esame di Lingua inglese docente Prof. A. Ruggiero



Text 4

Italy’s Festival of Syrupy Songs Loses High Ratings to Low Politics

But this year no holds are barred, and Silvio

Twelve millions viewers and an audience share of Berlusconi, the Prime Minister , who is popularly

40 percent sounds pretty good but the producer’s believed to be deliberately undermining RAI to

of Italy’s celebrated Sanremo song festival were benefit its own Mediaset channels, has scheduled

fighting off the “flop” word this week when their equally luscious eye candy to run head to head -

opening show was watched by fewer people than taking millions of Sanremo' s ratings.

last year. A national obsession, Sanremo remains, however,

Is the problem the hoary formula of syrupy love Italy's chirruping harbinger of spring. This year the

songs alternating with vapid celebrity chatter actress Sharon Stone is the chief guest, flying 22

before shimmering sets? Sanremo, after all, is in hours with husband and sizeable staff to make a

its 53rd year, and was the only begetter of the five-minute appearance for which she will

Eurovision Song Contest. If you traced the word reportedly receive Euro 250,000 (£170,000).

“Eurotrash” to its source you would probably find

yourself in Sanremo in 1951. But that’s not it: Peter Gabriel gave a brief anti-war oration,

Italian television audiences can’t get enough of following in a tradition at the festival that has seen

this sort of stuff. It goes down well along with a the likes of actor Roberto Benigni, Bono and The

variety of home-produced and South American Edge and Mikhail Gorbachev appeal to the

soap-operas, a glut of football (more commentary audience's higher feelings.

than matches), and endless arrays of dancing And the music? Not much to shout about so far.

girls on the nightly variety shows. As usual in Italy, But the singers have a lot to live up to. It was at

politics is not far away. this festival many years ago that Dusty Springfield

Sanremo’s incredible ratings – reaching a peak of heard Pino Donaggio sing the great ballad that

17.5 million viewers in 2000 – were the result of a became, in her hands, the mammoth hit, "You

cosy pact between RAI, the state broadcaster Don't Have To Say You Love Me". The stuff of

which has always staged the festival, and the history.

commercial channels, which put on shows of The Independent, March 7, 2003

minority interest during the Sanremo week

allowing RAI to fill its boots. _____________________________

Text 5

The War of Words Between Copywriters and Language Purists

Among the various professional groups, the war between language purists and advertising writers is of

special intensity. Purists are making every effort to “preserve” the language - to set a kind of standard

as to what is right and what is wrong. Copywriters, on the other hand, say that today's writers “dare to

be different”. They must find new ideas and fresh ways to express them. Never hesitate to inject

colourful thoughts and expressions into your copy.

Of course, in some areas, both sides are right. And in others, both sides may be wrong.


Copywriters consider themselves as word mechanics, skilled professionals with a fondness for words.

They must be imaginative, and still, their writing must be succinct and eye-catching. They are good

writers, even though some of their vocabulary and structures may be somewhat unconventional. After

all, their job is to attract the reader. If their copy is grammatically perfect but lacks fire and vitality,

readers will not be interested. And the product will not sell.

One legend in the advertising world, Claude Hopkins, summed it up this way: “Copy writing is

salesmanship in print. The consumer must find something attractive in the ad”.

Another way of saying the same thing is that copy is communication. It should attract, inform, interest

and persuade the reader to think about the product. Advertising copy is not intended to ‘educate’ the

reader in the general sense of the term. It is not intended for language purists.




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