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Lingua inglese III - technology and e-learning Appunti scolastici Premium

Appunti di Lingua inglese III. Gli argomenti trattati sono i seguenti: technology and e-learning, The World Wide Web ( WWW or the Web), Electronic learning or E-learning, Electronic content, disadvantages of e-learning. Scarica il file in formato PDF!

Esame di Lingua inglese III docente Prof. P. Scienze letterarie




Technology has always had a significant impact on the way we communicate and

socialise in partcular Internet is one such piece of technology that influences ours


The World Wide Web ( WWW or the Web) is the most popular part of the Internet that

can bring a great benefits in ours lives, so the web have a lot of advanteges,

although it we can find a lot of information , for job,schoolwork or just to find out

more about hobbies, sports or currents events and know what happening in the world

in the real time. It is much faster and easier to surf the net in search of information

from all over the world than to find information in the book.

One of the areas of technology’s impact is in the field of education.

Technology has had a large impact on the materials that are used and the way we use

these materials to teach in the schools. Most everything that is used in today’s

classroom has been a result of technology. A new theorical research concerned

education born with the help of web, is “e- learning”.

or is a general term used to refer to computer-

Electronic learning E-learning

enhanced learning. E-learning mean a didactis based on Internet, that modifies the

methods of classical distance-learning; this method integrates in an original way the

physical characteristic of distance didactics with the psychological characteristics of


The most notable advantages of e-learning are flexibility, convenience and the ability

to work at home. E-lerning allows learners to participate and complete coursework in

accordance with their daily commitments.

Other advantages of e-learning include the ability to communicate with fellow

classmates from around the country, a greater adaptability to learner's needs, more

variety in learning experience with the use of multimedia and the non-verbal

presentation of teaching material.

For students of virtual classrooms, advantages primarily concern access, time, and

cost factors compared to those incurred from attending the traditional, physical


For teachers of virtual classrooms, working part-time is a possibility because of the

flexible nature of the classroom. Electronic content can be updated more efficiently

than printed material, and at a lower cost, which saves the teacher time and money




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Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea in lingue e letterature straniere
Università: Verona - Univr
A.A.: 2008-2009

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